The local forum has a profound experience at ten points a month after its operation

March 22nd, I came to Wuhu this place. Opened the Wuhu OK forum, by the way, also opened the Wuhu group buying network,, Wuhu home improvement network,, etc.. It’s good to open a few stops. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to earn thousands of dollars in the first month. It’s all the other stations’ advertising costs. Not the forum’s revenue.

you all understand. It’s hard to do forums, and it’s harder to do local forums.

Where exactly is

difficult?. I must look, is depressed heart. Say it to everybody. It will feel better.

one, funding

no funds, it is really bad to operate, doing site is equivalent to burning money, especially local stations. The amount of traffic by search engines is very low. I just did a month traffic mostly from Baidu. Daily flow is more than 100. Just keep it that way. Local forum is to rely on advertising, relying on money to vote out. Let everyone know. Do a bus advertising, a car will have thousands of, platform advertising, one is also thousands of, television is not do. Newspaper bar, a lot of day. In short, advertising is money burning. I haven’t chosen to advertise because I think my station doesn’t have content. The original design and I choose to walk different ways. None of the projected strategies have been implemented. It’s depressing.

two, business

the development of a forum. Not just development, we still have to do business. As we all know, business is advertising now. The main profit model of the forum. And businessmen want to advertise, we must look at the popularity of the forum. No, they don’t put in money. How do you get ads when you’re out of your mind?.

, I’m a collector. Collect information regularly every day and pretend to be a lot of people. It was refreshing at first, but the more I looked, the less I felt. To do business, must have strong business ability to do. I personally do a lot of business. I feel 22 years old now. Some businessmen have met me and said, "you’re still a student." I always smiled and said, "I’m not a student. I’m a graduate student." in fact, I graduated in a few months.


talks about business, one of my experiences is to talk more and cheat. No way out。 It’s the right way to hold the merchant. Because, after all, they don’t understand the internet. The question they care about is whether you can do it. Can advertising bring benefits?. I answered their questions a few times and I said, "I can’t promise how much business I can offer you, but I can guarantee how many people saw your ad",

went to Wuhu county the day before yesterday to talk about business. It was an hour’s drive from downtown Wuhu. Go out for business for the first time. Not ideal. Their market is not here, so the business has not been negotiated. And they feel like I’m driving high prices. I opened it at the price of the city. They are >

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