Finally understand why Ali mother will abandon DZ, choose PW

in the open source PHP forum, the best should be said to be DZ, my forum started two years ago to DZ, has been from DZ4. 0 to 6. 1, each new version is the fastest to upgrade. Then every time I feel the magic of DZ research and development and new products, but this upgrade to 6.1 has brought a lot of trouble ~ I think this is not me, but a lot of users share the experience.

DZ UC is introduced in the new version, the user centered concept, it can be said that this is a good idea, is user centric, and according to DZ, the official to let the webmaster have a user experience to the center platform, to create a user the tool center. But since its launch, are exploring how to do, how to use, the problems appear constantly, opening time of UC also pushed back, but even so, this push out of UC and UCH is not a good product success……

not long ago, the Ali Mama official forum issued a notice that due to the increasing amount of forum access on all aspects of the requirements increase, decided to go to the PW forum system, so decisively to upgrade, implication is PW than DZ in some aspects to be strong and stable and fast. Of course, there are rumors that Alibaba bought PW, this recently rarely see the news, do not know whether it is true or false, do not consider.

but, this time, my own forum ( conversion, let me understand, why Ali mother will choose PW, and abandoned the DZ?.

I never touched PW, so little understanding of the PW, want to use, but also because of suffering from the recent DZ UC, UCH DZ, worries, with massive database of the forum, access speed down quickly, to clean one half of the data, or do not solve the problem. Plus in the Ali mother Forum on the experience of PW, decided to turn the forum to PW.

and then to find an official owner of the QQ, he helped me to solve, but because of my own data, constantly turned several times, inside more chaos, he made several days, still can not solve the problem. Then, just want to convert my server to PW official forum, send a message, less than ten minutes plus I QQ, take the initiative to help solve, there are PW official staff, owner, technical master enthusiastic, so many people eager to let me really feel to PW such a home care……

later, or because some problems can not be dealt with, and finally the official bones plus me, he helped me solve the problem, the middle of many do not understand, are his own help to solve, thank you very much.

, and this service is impossible to enjoy in DZ, remember my previous forum from DV to DZ, the database is very small, converted people received 50 yuan to transfer. And convert to >

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