How to establish network brand

this time in writing, every day in the study, and then write on it, because I was a young boy studying marketing more than 20 days, although in this line is not a long time but I have confidence to take every step, because there is no one to teach, sometimes feel special detours but I don’t believe I can not learn something, nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, not one year two years three years… For your persistence and pride…

well do not say so much heart speech, then enter our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me" lucky 52 something real joke, Li Yong laughed down! PART1: a couple, guess the name of the food, the old woman gestures guess husband. On the big screen, jump out " steamed bread " a word, wife Description: round, white, can eat husband:…… Wife continues to describe: "that is white, soft, you last night to eat!" the husband seems to be anxious, and blurted out: "" Mimi; "" Li Yong laughed down.

today, let’s go on with our study yesterday and talk about how to build your own brand in the internet.

on the basis of ensuring a good product, the formation of network brand can be summed up into one, strengthening the unified image of the company and website, and constantly repeating and appearing in front of Internet users.

first, I feel it, the website to design a fixed sign to several forms, such as website logo, advertising publicity slogans, trademark, name or domain name, as well as in the life of the company pictures, publicity page, envelopes etc.. These external manifestations are the basis for Internet users to distinguish other websites. However, once these signs are determined, do not make changes, as long as the Internet users to do a unified reinforcement. As I said yesterday, when the Internet users want to do something about it, however, it just coincides with the content of your website, and the first one in your mind shows your website. Let the Internet users need to think of you, do not need to talk about you.

From the

website design, website logo, the fixed position of your trademark, slogan will appear in your web site on the web, including color, typography Dudu website to reach a unified style. Can also be used in the mail, the sender’s address and address, company name, etc. should be unified. Also, the display ads in the network should also deliberately highlight the site’s logo or domain name. In fact, now the network advertising practical efficiency in the continuous decline, but in the visual impact and the coverage of advertising, also can make the potential user’s eyes constantly appear, even if the user does not click, but at least let users increase to the brand impression.

forum can also increase the network brand image. In related websites, forums and websites, you can answer questions and answer questions. When these Internet users get your help, they can do good publicity for you, and…

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