China’s first overseas students to sell word website

five thousand words network founder Shi Rui is proud to say, "China has five thousand years of history and culture, and the text China culture since ancient times is the most important part of the development of communication, so I decided to a website named" five thousand words ", Chinese five thousand years of culture, our website will sell 5000 words, this is the first word China selling website".

, a small overseas student in China, is a sophomore majoring in electronic computer science at University of Toronto, Canada. He has achieved excellent results in his studies. As a result of family conditions, when I went to Canada to study, I only took one year’s study and living expenses. The original motive for this idea was to pay tuition at the start of the school year in September.

Toronto Information Port reporter then opened the five thousand words of the home page, a word selling price 200 yuan, clear handwriting immediately appear in front of journalists.

"Our service is 10 years, so the daily publicity costs are only 5 cents," explains

stone. At present, the five thousand word network has established a cooperative relationship with more than 20 home and abroad websites, which means that users who buy text will get long-term stable traffic".

when asked "do you believe that five thousand words must be successful?", Shi Rui is confident that our price is quite low, at the same price, our publicity over hundreds of thousands of times faster than other forms of propaganda. I have reason to believe that while the website is successful, we will give our customers a pleasant surprise."

at the same time, stone Rui said that this is his own creativity, not to learn any one, China is the first, the world is also the first.

in terms of the Internet economy, innovation is constant and the sole motive force for the continued prosperity of the internet. Moreover, it seems that the rational use of this power on the Internet will make a gathering place for wealth.

modern Chinese Internet market, law of the jungle, the crocodile elephant, we are full of money, financing, grab market share, playing the game of capital. And when people are becoming more familiar with the Internet, many young people can’t stand loneliness. Although they are small, they are flexible and original. With them, a large number of Internet innovation model is constantly fast derivative, it is enough to tune people’s appetite.

in the Internet world in the birth of countless creativity, the five thousand word network as a rather novel theme, to China’s Internet has brought another cool. And not to mention whether the five thousand word network will be successful, only small students Shi Rui creative and entrepreneurial passion is worthy of recognition. edit original text:

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