Analysis of WeChat public platform account establishment process

WeChat is a mobile phone chat software launched by Tencent Inc in 11. Because of the simple function of WeChat at that time, people simply used to send voice, SMS, video, pictures and text. Later, 12 years, Tencent Inc in WeChat on the basis of the new public number and service number and other functional modules, WeChat has become one of the enterprises and people to promote network marketing. At this time, individuals and enterprises can build a WeChat public number, through platform certification, to achieve two-dimensional code subscription, news push, brand communication, etc.. Well, WeChat platform account is how to build it? Do not know the friends, you can follow the Nanning Love asked webmaster to understand.

one, login WeChat public platform web page, registered WeChat public number

The basic steps of

are as follows: fill in the basic information, mailbox activation, information registration, select type (choose service number or subscription number), public number information,

in front of a few steps, as long as the above fill in the true can be, and generally no big problem. To the service number and subscription number selection type, Nanning love ask webmaster simple and everyone brief explanation, in order to prepare for WeChat marketing friends have a general understanding.

service number: applicable to enterprises, governments and other organizations. It can only send a group of messages a month, the information sent to the user will be displayed in the user’s chat list, and the user will receive a message reminder for the first time, and you can apply for custom menu.

subscription number: applies to media and individuals. The day can send a message, can build a better relationship between the enterprise and the readers, but the user does not send messages receive instant messages to remind, cannot apply for a custom menu, can only maintain the status quo.

knowledge development:

what is the custom menu at the bottom: developers can use this function to the public accounts of the conversational interface increased navigation column, users click on the page in the menu option, can bring up the corresponding reply message or web links.

note: the public number can not be modified by choice unless the registered public number is registered as the default number and can be upgraded to service number. Set method is as follows, landing WeChat platform, click the settings account information, find "upgrade to service number" these words can. (attached to the following picture)


two, login account, improve WeChat account function,

WeChat account registration, landing. We can see a page like the figure below.


left, respectively, function, management, service, statistics, settings and other five columns. The first thing we need to do is to click the "advanced function" button in the "function" (figure below).

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