Talk about some of the limitations of toil Wangzhuan project

network 99% people not to earn money, because 99.5% people contact Wangzhuan, are from the beginning to click on ads, take the rebate, voting, hook, PC balls and other projects. 99% of the people will always stay in these projects, until give up, quit. Only 0.5% of the people, and because of their own thinking, finally embarked on the track of wangzhuan.

these years, more influential Wangzhuan station, without exception, are in the promotion of free Wangzhuan project called: click, rebate, voting. So, after entering the new circle, but also basically from the start.

click, return commission, vote, these projects have a common feature: all rely on selling their own labor to make money. There was no difference between the cleaners on the street and the dishwasher at the restaurant. The most important thing for China is that there are too many people on the internet. Everything is a rare thing, when the network is not only the surplus labor force, but the excess, then the low price of such projects can be imagined. This is why hard for a month, but the fundamental reason even 200 dollars will not be able to earn.


simply sell their labor Wangzhuan past, not to earn money, now not to earn money, will never make any money.

when I was in college, I used the summer vacation to work in the hotel, from 8 in the morning to do at night at 11, a monthly salary of $600. After graduating from college, I found a job with their own professional units, monthly salary of 6000 yuan. Why is there such a big gap, because the waiter can do in Chinese too many people, and now I can do the work of the people is not much, otherwise my university four years of legal white read — not to mention I was admitted to the province’s top 300 famous university.

network and the reality of the truth is interlinked. If you read this article you do not understand the truth, then you do not have to look at the back of the article. If you are working on a project like this, throw it away because they are more dangerous than rubbish. Money is not a small thing, wasting your precious youth is a major event.

then, since this kind of project that does not make money, so there is no future, then as a webmaster Wangzhuan trendsetter, why they are invariably recommend these projects? I’m afraid this is not accidental.

according to the principle of western economics, people are selfish and rational, while. Adsense recommend this kind of project, but only one reason: interests. This kind of project has one thing in common, that is, a strong offline system. Although ordinary friends earn almost no money, but the Commission is very impressive line of the commission. An offline contribution to a dollar, so if the owners have 100 downline, one day’s income is 100 yuan. If there is a webmaster, do not recommend these items, but to teach you how to do, how to do SEO, but may be income of 0. Based on the pros and cons of such comparison, the choice of the webmaster is not difficult to understand. >

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