Zhuang Chenchao and the story of the search () no search in the world

in the Internet has Chinese after 18 years of development, the search engine is a very bright plate in the field of the Internet, in the field of search engine can call the number known by the public figures should have only two: Robin Li and Zhou Hongyi. But in fact, Chinese Internet field there exists a can and two par but extremely low-key person, he is a lot of Internet practitioners have never heard of Zhuang Chenchao.

before writing this article, I am in QQ (my friends on the Internet in the QQ more than a thousand people) randomly asked some friends have heard of Zhuang Chenchao, most people said they had not heard. Just look at the "Zhuang Chenchao" of the Baidu index less than 100, and almost my pen name "Ding Tao". A large number of people engaged in the Internet industry for many years, have not heard of this person, it has also become a driving force me to write this article, and the story of Zhuang Chen Chao search is necessary to speak out, the future of the human achievements will be more than all our imagination.

maybe you don’t know, Cseek (search guest), Shawei, where to network, beauty said, financial 360…… This series of nodes in the history of China’s Internet development to promote the development of enterprises are more or less associated with Zhuang Chenchao. This article will be longer, no time to read the full text of the people please bypass.

first article: there is no search for

1994–1995 years, after Hu Qiheng and other leaders of the hard work, the Internet into china. At that time, Ding Lei resigned from the Ningbo Telecommunications Bureau; at that time, yinghaiwei was established; at that time, Ma Yun founded the China. The same time, Zhuang Chenchao was born in 1976 with excellent results admitted to the Peking University, studying radio.

wrote here forget to say, a lot of friends I should see an interview "written before the Comtech core city on the road" Zhu Jizhi: his two venture, the hero Zhu Jizhi and the heroine Zhuang Chenchao are classmates, two people are 76 years, and understand the technology industry Daniel, it is worth mentioning is that they are admitted to the University in 1994, but now public information shows Zhuang Chenchao in 1995 on the 100, this is obviously wrong. In addition to Zhu Jizhi and Zhuang Chenchao, who together with classmates later mixed well, a lot of people have entered the HUAWEI, IBM and other companies in key positions.

and IT many heavyweights like Zhuang Chenchao, also grew up in contact with the computer, people love you. I have said many times before in the article that the Internet is interesting, the rules behind the Internet is boring, but once mastered the rules behind the Internet, we can predict a lot of things ahead of time. You can find the Internet behind the struggle and unraveling the truth in the smoke diffuse cloth in the link, I believe everyone can grasp the rules, everyone can be top analysts." According to this idea, we find the characteristics of common technology heavyweights: This is a restless, not in accordance with.

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