E-commerce, the initial planning

I believe that see blog, most of the network are very interested, yesterday suddenly received an email saying "look at my network is how to receive the first pot of gold" as the title of the temptation, I point into a look, before "fully open, full screen is $0.03 similar to that, I know it’s $click advertising that the so-called network (those who make money, I did N years ago, is someone who is relatively popular keywords) network" Wangzhuan ", here, I remind those who are engaged in this industry, and to receive money from the shy, fill a man in his bag, give up the" occupation "," high "in the new network, another way to get more money for the future online, a lot of things you need to learn.

point, we now know that the Chinese large sites, such as Taobao, Alibaba, Sohu and so on, we want to run a similar website now, even want to go beyond him, is already very difficult, we know what we need is a network of creative, but creativity is always only a few people have and if you are a member of a minority of congratulations, you are very lucky, soon after you wealthy. But if we are one of the most, we want to do, have their own products, or to negotiate products, it does not matter, operating their own e-commerce sites, how do we plan


today, I just want to talk about the initial operation of the method. For example, we do a local travel website, the goal must be to do the boss of the local tourism portal, how should we start? The local tourism website, whether each tourist city are innumerable, open bidding Baidu, can also be seen that the fight is very fierce. We need is: we want users to combine their own industries (such as tourism) three-dimensional classification, there is a class of people because of the love of the cultural connotation of the city and a tourist, there is a class of people because of that the discount for the first time even to revisit the city, there is a class of people is to see a a spot in the city this want to travel on the Internet, there is one because there are activities to know more MM to travel, the more detailed the better overall classification, must have stereo feeling, all categories of users into your website, do not have the intention to travel, but we can take with their win over the subtle psychology of tourism, that is the high level requirements of the website operation. According to the above statement, the site’s navigation can be classified to include (Guilin as an example): Guilin culture, shopping and leisure, Guilin attractions, tourism activities….

at the end of the day, is the most important psychological, is the so-called "little city to others, gongxinweishang", every industry can be classified according to the visitor stereo. We want to use our words and pictures to cater to their tastes, to achieve our goal by brainwashing, as if to say a little too much: (


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