For farmers who code 13 years to think from the nternet to sell Lucai than to find reliable listed

hacker debut

        more than and 10 years ago to the day at night, the police suddenly rushed to my house, take me to the Provincial Public Security Department statement, my internet life began from then on… (PS: sure you want to ask me why we should be taken? Because the three rebellion against the exam oriented education, the provincial admissions website hacked into yellow website, I was the entrance of the first day of the local newspaper headlines in July 6, 2001, the "Tianfuzaobao" and "Huaxidoushibao")


Author: webnetmax123

hackers two debut

I got the

unsuspectingly university accounting professional admission notice, asked my father: "(I will read huì meter;) is a professional what ah?"… And university life begins, into the school educational system, ought to start a "change free repair business, nearly 10% of the entire school year students have been rebuilt it into my money… Now in retrospect, I was very scared, the medium is much economic crime…

is the two black experience, so I decided that I would be loyal to the revolution, loyal to the party, indeed, the next 10 years of Internet experience view has been engaged in construction, has never done damage…

take over the largest local BBS community

took a chance, then the largest local grassroots community to BBS, now think of it is still quite small pride, a bunch of brothers through our efforts, the first of 600 yuan a month banner advertising free nobody wants to leave, then 30 thousand yuan a month on advertising a rushing rushing to buy, the popularity is also from the number of registered more than 60 thousand do about 400000, 3 years to a grassroots website do one of the most influential local a website.

year 13 million, I just took the bench with 3

a thing very dramatic, ha ha, in theory, I was one of the founders of a well-known China Internet Co now, probably in 3 years in the United States listed rasdaq. That year, with the company can not afford to send wages, I told friends said: "I’m leaving, don’t share, I have just moved to a new house, I took the company 3 home use bench is good" results, the year after the departure, the company accounted for 13 million, about 3 hundred million of revenue a year now now, I was 3, with the bench, ha ha

3 years wind dream behind closed doors

actually should be with the times, especially the Internet, according to a day as the unit of small run industry, my biggest mistake is the biggest stand behind closed doors, "

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