500 Startups show on the 7 most interesting startups


more than 25 start-up companies in the United States mountain view held in the 500 Startups Demo Day show. These companies have presented their own ideas to the audience, including investors, large corporations, and the media. Start-up company’s new idea has not interrupted. We can see some real gems in these demonstrations.

is the following potential startups:



if you are a fan of Eminem’s eight mile, or you just want to watch a couple of people in the comfort of the home of the rap contest, you can visit the website Rapt.

make first appearance rapper can join more than round, five minutes of battle. Rhythm is provided by the website, and each rapper has 45 seconds in each round can lose their lyrics. The audience voted for the winner, and the rapper jumped to the top of the list.

but it’s not just about rap. Some users use it to discuss topics, and some users are used to fight the Cara OK.

Culture Alley


learning a new language is not an easy task. CultureAlley is a good way for you to do things other than spanish. Suddenly, you need to clean the garage instead of learning spanish. The CultureAlley has a way to deal with the delay, it can be embedded in some of the things you are ready to spend time, such as view Facebook. It will replace the words on your Facebook and fill in the language you are learning. And correctly define a word and understand the meaning.

if you want to study in depth on the Facebook, you can apply the CultureAlley in all of your web site.

so you can browse the Reddit site, learn spanish.



this application services to solve the biggest problem online shopping.

when a product is sent to a home that is not guarded, it is bad to go home without a receipt.

you have to wait for the delivery service to return to your home. You may be working at this time. What is worse, in order to take this parcel to you, after a long day of work go to the distribution center line at, wait 45 minutes. Doorman can provide you with a

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