Listen more than bragging about Gavin what a dry cargo breakthrough in tens of millions of users

editor’s note: This is Yu Jiawen after the storm, the first initiative to respond to the storm, and gathered in public speech.

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Hello everyone, I was recently been out of the black Yu Jiawen.


sacrifice, complete me, I was scolded, company performance is also good, I think I’m better than Chen Ou, Chen Ou is called products, at least I’m not scold scold this product, but. Scold scold.

what do I share today? The first thing to do is to make a good product. What do you think I’m bragging about it?. Second talk about how to promote, this I am very cattle ah, you see I can be the people of the country, the people of the country, you have to learn.

good products do not need too many features, nor rely on word of mouth to boast, it is important not to make these strategic errors

first, do the product is to let consumers know what you are, not what you think you are.

I think we are talking about how to achieve the ultimate product, how to establish a reputation, these are bragging force. I think the product is talking about the strategy, how to talk about strategy that is whether it is to do the Internet or traditional industries, not what do you think your product is, but consumers feel that your product is what.

to think about what you’re going to do when you’re done with it. McDonald’s, for example, is not "food", but "fast food."". 360, this product is not anti virus, but safe. Only your things out, so that consumers can immediately know what the characteristics of this product can be successful.

second, don’t do too much

allows users to understand a word you are very important. If a company wants users to spend time trying to figure out what your product is, and so on. You will find that consumers will not understand your product.

is like a super curriculum, we will begin to say super curriculum, but our software has a function called class chat, it is especially fire, it is the largest student dating platform, just for college students Oh, don’t say I’m bragging. But we never talk about the foreign propaganda class, we only publicity super curriculum. Because we know that if we advertise the two functions of a product, consumers will feel confused.

we all say I’m bragging, I do not say anything to make money, in fact, the super curriculum has actually been involved in student finance, recruitment, part-time, including training. We in Beijing have several studio recording so many courses. But we never put these things in the super curriculum, the functional description added, at most of these products to advertise. Because we know that this will disrupt the user’s thinking.

some Internet Co feel that I have an entrance, (>

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