The answer let Baidu know, Amoy promotion more effective

Baidu know the advantages of high precision and high weight for everyone to see, so many friends are using this platform to do Taobao. But because some people can not find tips, not always. I will share a little bit of their own experience, I hope to help the webmaster friends.

most people do Baidu know from a way by ourselves, the benefits of this approach is the publicity of the soft set is the best answer, the effect is better. Although the answer can be a very good operation of Baidu, but they ignore a very important point, is that there is no directional customer participation. We promote Taobao customers is to allow others to buy the product, only the customer pull in to have the opportunity to generate orders. So how to do the most direct promotion, I take the method is to answer the question of the target population.

to answer the question we must find such a question, we can input the keywords in Baidu know the search box to search, and then click on the problem to be solved, so that all the available resources to come out. To find the answer to the question, there are a lot of knowledge, the author summarized as follows.

first, tell the questioner himself also has the same distress, such as a netizen asked: I’m pregnant for a month, the home appliances, how to effectively avoid the baby’s radiation. We had better start with the answer: I am a mother, and you have the same distress. The beginning of this will narrow the distance between you and the questioner, so that our answer is more convincing.

then, to strengthen the seriousness and urgency of the problem, amplify the pain of the questioner, improve their desire for the product. In the previous example, we can then answer: it is said that now more or less electrical radiation, will have an impact on the development of the fetus, severe words may also cause damage to intelligence.

finally do publicity by third party tone, can end like this: my cousin is director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, she said the mother must have several sets of radiation-proof clothes, XX website is very professional, when she was pregnant is bought in the above, then I also bought a very good. The advantage of using the third party tone is to increase credibility and make it easier for potential customers to switch to consumers.

Taobao customers to promote the main kind, so the owners in the selection of products must pay attention to the quality of the product is clearance, so that not only can promote the conversion rate, but also the responsibility of their own conscience. Use Baidu know what Taobao customer is awesome, as long as your heart can not a small harvest.

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