Amoy boss the ten day of the Taobao club to learn the tenth day Taobao customer money heart

ten days to learn the course of the Taobao guest wrote the last day, the focus of this tutorial friends know that the tutorial written for a long time. It has been almost a year since the second half of 09. Why is a very basic tutorial to write so long? Taobao guest principle is very simple, as long as you can learn a few days before the tutorial can know the principle. But from my point of view is to put me into the process of Tao group tutorial, not rote reason I wrote, is really a person to do Taobao customers. Come with me after the last day.

do guest, the last point is the "mentality". If various promotion skills of Taobao off the external work, then the "mentality" is the strength. What is the Tao do affect the attitude, the answer is "income" not only do guest earn less degree. So according to the guest income can be divided into several different stages of mentality.

one, the initial promotion of no income

in the early promotion process, a lot of time has been found to be suitable for their own promotion, but that is not a change in the mentality of the lead down. Some tired, give up! Some feel no effect, doubt promotion method to give up. Every time a little bit can see the effect. Why do you say so, because I met too many friends told me that began to push a few days, found no effect, give up do not do, but then inadvertently open the account, and found that actually have income. Realized the need to adhere to the tao. Here to novice friends said, Taobao guest is able to make money this is beyond doubt, but it is not a matter of heaven pie. It takes a little hard work and a little gain. If you decide to try it, don’t give up hope, insist on. If there is no psychological preparation, it is better to look for other profitable projects to do, so as not to waste valuable time.

two, see the results, just a little income


method is proper promotion after a period of time can see sporadic income, this time is most likely to worry, for example, is the promotion of the use of post, see income, to the enthusiasm of unstable state of mind, to engage in the post, post quality is not high, by the administrator to clear, work is in vain.

at this stage, more need to calm, to find out what their own work to bring the effect of summary, optimization. Can’t get a fever.

three, very good income, but there are fluctuations in

I know

seen in Alibaba lecture video, when I interviewed 09 years, net income at the time of the month Amoy Amoy is 2500+. But at the beginning of the Tao do the first month is hundreds of pieces, is also a little bit to do optimization, find ways to do 2500+ promotion month. In a few months after the interview, the income has been rising. Stable in the monthly income of over 10000 no problem, but do guest income are fluctuations, especially for some SEO I used to get traffic, traffic will have periodic fluctuation. Income will fluctuate. This is a time when you need to adjust your mindset

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