College students in the past three years of hard road network (two)

Network hard venture Road three years of college students with "

" (a) some time ago, the author of this article records the early hardships of my three years Internet business road, the article uses "to earn a pot of gold" and "the first time was" the two experience to tell the majority of new friends two lessons that just want to in the world of Internet rapid success must have an experienced veteran with you (the feeling is somewhat similar, and playing network game Oh, also don’t believe one), pie in the sky, even if lost, will not hit you. Here I continue to write this article, hope can also get the support and encouragement of friends A5


wrote above experienced the first experience of being cheated, I decided to calm down, carefully study a period of higher technology and experience, and then start the two undertaking. This study, I spent half the time, of course, is to have the harvest, it is law, I passed in the first half of this year to study, understand the outflow of website construction and related technology, say really is a kind of CMS can be used as a program to build the station. In addition, I also know that this half a year A5 webmaster network this good place, through which I learned some of the relevant knowledge of SEO, but also know a lot of new and old webmaster friends.

remember that Taobao customers just rise, competition is not too big, and that many owners are also not do long tail keywords consciousness, the author skillfully seize this opportunity, the first three years of my website, construction of network entrepreneurs on the road using a set of open source CMS program Oh, this is a milepost although! Debut, but because many still know some knowledge of the SEO website, launched less than three months have no small achievement, three months down I remember I have earned $more than 3 thousand, the night will take a few good buddy out a stamp. But because of the later CN domain good times don’t last long, remediation (then the author use the CN domain name, cheating ah), plus the rise of real Taobao customers, a large number of old and new owners began to join in, I feel the competition is more and more big, so in no circumstances eventually chose to give up.

gave up Taobao this way off, because have accumulated some capital, so soon and other investment projects. Listen to the group friends that do station group is still relatively good, so decisively chose to stand group. However, we do stand group can not be so relaxed now, there are so many auxiliary tools to help you manage the update site, the author of the year but by the whole hand to update the site ah. At that time I have erected 20 light website, update the site every day it would take me a few hours later, after a month’s dream to struggle, I finally received from Google union dollars in the next month, a total of $more than and 700.

well, because of the time, today I wrote here, through these second articles, I want to tell you the truth is that as long as you have the technology and capital, but also

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