Touch screen analysis services $400 thousand investment



Poland venture announced the completion of the seed round of financing, access to $400 thousand investment. This means that it will be the first to test the touch screen test period, officially released on the market. As for the source of funds, the company did not disclose, we are not interested to know. is a small iOS framework, less than 80KB, and he can be installed into any iOS device applications. When the user is operating, the data is transmitted to the data center, which converts the information into useful images (like temperature maps) and statistical data. Moreover, these data can be used in the form of custom reports output, PDF format makes it easier to share data. can record the time and location of the user of the touch screen, this function looks Nothing is right. but for developers is a baby. Developers use these data points, can create a more humane products, bring better user experience. Information is efficiency, efficiency is money, developers and designers to learn more user information in order to continuously improve the product. is now only available to iOS developers, the company said that the touch-screen analysis services can expose unexpected problems for developers.

it can record the location of the user’s first touch, the user clicks the location, user gestures and other information, through the analysis of user preferences. It plays an important role in the application of interface layout. Pay attention to the details for application experience the extraordinary effect, perhaps users do not know where the good, but I feel with a cool. It’s a good idea, but there’s a problem, and its use is too complex.

company attaches great importance to security issues, data will be collected in an anonymous manner, so users can rest assured that information security. Although in the testing phase, but also has more than 100 applications using this service. Applications include tourism, games, e-commerce, education, etc..

developers want to stand out among the many competitors, the user experience is a crucial part of. To understand the user’s habits, then aimed at the application of user habits tailored to best? As the saying goes: know thyself, know yourself.

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