A brief talk on the new outlet of 07 websites

              on the network is mixed for more than 2 years, although not how to earn a lot of money, but my life is still a little taste, here to write your recent station profit idea of it.

              I also forget behind who said, do not stand before the good location profit point station is garbage station, is not pulled, but he said is true, you must first think clearly before you stand the profit point, really, do not stand now few want to make money. My literary talent is not good, you don’t mind. As for the positioning of the site, we can see Wang Tong related information, I think he can say, the stone brothers don’t scold me.

            I will give an example right now, for example, some time ago I made a sexual health station, I do this station is designed to do 7CV sales, so I started with his choice of content is advertising, selling things related articles, each article has a specific address connected to the corresponding page advertisement, and basically search these information have a most attention to these things, so down, I did a month sales profit is still considerable, but what I did not say.

          ha ha, I may be in front of a reservation, but understand the people look at how to do. I will add articles with general topics, I will correspond to sell connection address with the content and the choice of keywords, although effective keywords may not bring you much traffic, but much higher than the value of his you general SEO, keyword selection problem I will not say, the novice can in Admin5 looking for.

          these do I stand on my overall optimization, I do this station’s goal is to sell 7CV products, but I can not only 7CV relevant keywords, and I do this station is the content of gender is whole station, so I start from here as for me, is how to choose the overall keyword, you can on the stone ah, Wang Tong side of the forum to learn it, not much to say. After all, these are no one will say, in relation to their purse, hehe.

      one month down, although traffic is not very high, only about 2K, but I do GG with absolute income, than you a 1W or IP station is much, novice webmaster can learn Oh, in fact, the Internet sales profit is great, the >

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