Google Adsense will be paid in RMB

in July 4th, we interviewed Mr. Zhou Wenbiao, Google China’s online sales and Operations Manager at the Jianguo Hotel in Shanghai, on a detailed understanding of the current status and development plans of Google Adsense in china. Mr. Zhou Wenbiao said, Google began to accelerate the expansion of the local Adsense team from 2007, in the past year, the Adsense team increased from the initial 9 to 20 people, the number of Chinese owners joined Google Adsense also doubled, Google Adsense Chinese is the highest market share of similar products. In addition, Google has been in the development of China’s Adsense users are particularly suitable for new features, such as the protection of other people to prevent malicious clicks on the domain name protection function.

driven home: Google is still in the dollar + check the way to pay for the owners, the payment cycle is longer, I would like to ask what will be the most concerned about the issue of payment in China Google which improvements?

Zhou Wenbiao: we have in the bank and the relevant departments and agencies China consultations to achieve RMB payment as a unit, to the local bank account as a means of payment, which is more suitable for the China webmaster needs, to help owners reduce 45-60 day of payment, collection time. In fact, Chinese will become the first in the domestic currency for payment the Adsense business unit area.

driven home: how to solve the problem of how to solve the problem of income tax in China if the payment is localized?

Zhou Wenbiao: Yes, we do in the process of localization in relation to bank transfer payment, payment of RMB and some taxes. We do not currently have a very detailed information can be revealed, but we Chinese and government departments, and tax departments have the communication, we must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the government China the provisions of the tax department to do these things.

drive home: I would like to ask how high the current owners of Google Adsense high Google Adsense relative to the current competitors, what are the advantages?

Zhou Wenbiao: according to our investigation, the domestic webmaster to our satisfaction reached more than 80%. As for the advantages of AdSense, the advertising model is straightforward for advertisers, advertising chain clicks all is the same, one of the biggest advantage is the advertisers they have great transparency, they can control their own costs. It costs happened, he could see how the revenue generated by the.

drive home: we have seen some reports, called Google Adsense has anti cheating system is very complicated, even up to more than 40 statistical models, I do not know whether it is true? In addition, the launch of the domain name protection function, is designed for Chinese market development of


Zhou Wenbiao: we found that China’s protection of domain names

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