Mobile communications VP Wang joint merchant club website architecture


2.        the current mobile phone, almost all support USB data cable and computer links, the user needs to transmit data.

3.        3G/ unlimited number of users of the network is limited, the user is lack of interactivity. The 3G network is not desirable, infinite network + limited network can stick to the user.

4.        3G is currently a lack of profitable business, business and profit model is not mature.

5.        VIP King eating community lack of popularity, the extension of value-added services reflect the value of customers can not play much role. There should be an independent community centered on mobile users, which will enable users to extend value-added services.

6.        VIP information is not necessarily limited to a single card, a computer network. Can also be unlimited network, the user visits the mobile VIP Club (3G communication platform) through mobile phones, but also access to comprehensive information.


tone     music: support mobile phone search, online audition songs and lyrics display, can easily download massive music collections,Figure

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