ntegrated communication network advertisement is the kingly way

, Google, Microsoft and other IT giants spate of acquisitions of Internet advertising company, to make people aware of the previous model for Internet profit has finally come to an end to return to the origin, change the income flow eyeball economy get the best interpretation of meaning. However, Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi, a high-profile proposed concept of "word-of-mouth marketing", but in the online advertising industry and the rise of the pattern of the dispute.

in fact, "development model does not determine the online advertising industry, the advertising industry is the integration of communication network the same way."

undoubtedly, the rapid development of network technology, for the development of online advertising industry to provide more and more possible model. If the first link, Button, Banner, to change people familiar with the Flash, and the overall combination of multimedia audio and video technology and other rich media called online advertising is changing its form, so direct advertising, direct mail, email on the web search engine marketing as well as the so-called community of word-of-mouth marketing and so on. It is the different mode of network advertisement.

is expected to effectively use and guide the reputation of the Internet users to serve the corporate marketing reputation marketing model, in fact, is not a new concept. As iResearch survey statistics show that 60% of the community of Internet users through the community to find solutions to the problem, the impact of the community’s Forum on the behavior of Internet users by 33.5%.

and other models like There are both advantages and disadvantages. word-of-mouth marketing.

is the word-of-mouth marketing can help advertisers to build good communication bridge between a marketing object, but its drawbacks such as that in the community or in the blog, "irrigation", also how to ensure the authenticity to allow advertisers to see the actual value of the problem. "I think it’s a very complicated thing."

and in fact, for advertisers, based on their different marketing products, advertisers demand for advertising vary widely, depending on the nature of the demand in the model will have a different choice. The network itself is extremely rich in the characteristics of the different models of marketing has brought a variety of possible.

"so I think, with the help of a single mode of network marketing, network marketing to give up other choices, itself does not maximize meet the needs of advertisers, can ensure that have the most extensive marketing audience, to achieve the best effect of marketing."

"we have always stressed that the provision of different strategies for different customers of the whole case service. The strategy here refers to the use of a marketing tool in a variety of online media, as well as the use of different marketing tools in one or more network media. Simply put, is the integrated communication network advertising the same way."

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