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After the success of the economic chain hotel, such as home to the United States Nasdaq, Shen Napeng’s pace of life is destined to come faster than before. As one of the most famous American venture capital fund China Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital China) founding partner, need every day uninterrupted screening investment object from every kind of business plan, and then examine appointments, eventually determines the number of investment targets.

was founded in 2005 Sequoia Capital China fund Shen Napeng, both entrepreneurs and investors dual identity, which led him to lead the project success probability is quite high.


Shen Napeng attract people’s attention, began in December 2003 Ctrip successfully listed in the United states. Listed on the same day, Ctrip’s stock price rose more than the issue price of $15.94, or up to 88.56%. Not only set off a wave of overseas Chinese Internet companies listed overseas boom, but also let Shen Napeng and his entrepreneurs worth second.

1999, with rich experience in investment banking, Liang Jianzhang and others, together with the initial investment of 2 million yuan was founded ctrip. Previously, he worked in Deutsche Bank, Citibank and other institutions of the investment banking sector for more than 8 years.

entrepreneurial early, they even do a psychological preparation, that is a long time in the future may not be able to travel business class, but Ctrip did not let them down.

in the face of the increasingly blurred boundaries between traditional industries and non-traditional industries, Ctrip created a business model in a timely manner to grasp the traditional Chinese tourism companies unfamiliar with the new Internet technology opportunities. As the Internet, Ctrip can be said to be a new type of industry, but it is to solve the problem is similar to the travel agency. Because Ctrip itself is a tourist service companies, and the Internet is just its carrier."

At the beginning of the establishment of

, Shen Napeng, who designed the development path of Ctrip, including the exit mechanism. Even as the single largest shareholder, Shen Napeng also did not follow the routine as CEO, but according to his experience advantage as president and CFO. as development more and more like a tourism enterprises, tourism enterprises have the background of Fan Min to succeed Liang Jian as a timely chapter CEO. Shen Napeng’s business goal is to find to have a business model of adhesion. "This includes extensibility. When the scale effect of Ctrip developed, you will see it’s gross margin is constantly rising. With the establishment of the brand, customer loyalty will naturally improve. So its profitability growth is sustainable, but also fully able to predict."

Shen Napeng believes that a successful business model and a high degree of execution of the team is a prerequisite for the successful operation of any company. Ctrip from start to profit, we spent millions. If the executive ability is not strong, may require more investment."


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