How to make money through the nternet

1, this article is purely personal with Xing, is not responsible for follow-up teaching, please understand and add understanding;

2, this paper lists all way to make money online, whether I have tried, is not important; whether the violation of some traditional moral norms, is not important; whether the alleged speculation is not important; this is the only important, whether the readers have reference value. Useful words and reference on the line, did not use it, please close the browser window, forget this article, do not pour slobber criticism, have refuted the much more effort to help others or enhance their. This article is for people who want to see and see.

3, some of the ways in which the individual is not like, but only listed, I do not recommend or any subjective comments.

4, if some of my friends to see this article, in fact, I know all, then you laugh on the line, you are a master, do not give me a piece of junk paper hat.

5, this paper mentioned some interspersed with personal websites, such as computer enthusiasts, aion, Huzhou comment and so on, welcome to communicate these items, not love friends please refer to the above second.

any industry to make money, can use the vernacular summed up into three kinds of people, one hand (can be understood as toil, do repetitive work personally), a human brain (can be understood as a master technology and resource integration, Master) a person with money (money for money can be understood as the highest realm of money), a very simple truth, man is born his mother, demon is demon born of his mother, his mother’s money is money. Of course, some people, is the complex of these 3 kinds of people, but also money, brain and hand to make money. This article, from the three aspects, as far as possible to list the most promotion skills. With an explanation, the following promotion methods, in fact, in the promotion of a variety of products are suitable. We extrapolate. Many ways to promote, will involve the moral and moral aspects of life, I just go to the list and analysis, the reader how to do, their choice, I said, do not recommend any. Because of personal time, into the next three times. Try to introduce a variety of means to achieve the purpose of exposure at least. The most exciting place in the promotion of the brain (technology promotion) there, after reading, do not want to master, it is difficult.

a hand to make money

belongs to the conventional way to promote the primary station with more, the promotion of workers. For example, mobile phone ringtones, many webmaster in one of your own web page / site hanging code, then hand to promote. Even some webmaster what site also don’t have to use the union to provide the full channel code to promote, for example, in a place to send the ad said the latest ringtones quickly download it, the URL to leave a. Various methods are briefly described as follows:

· go to popular forum / community to send ringtones to download the ad posted. The group will introduce super technology.


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