How to make use of garbage sites to make search engine traffic and bills

now popular network method has many kinds, (not only touch the stones, see the constant flow of individual stationmaster win) a lot of people have never heard or released today a make money for everyone to see. This is my latest research, fumble out) nowadays many webmaster e-commerce site management difficulties, faced with the collapse of the case, a colleague of mine e-commerce site has long been profitable.

why? Note that this is not playing with you brainteasers, e-commerce site garbage e-commerce site is a waste, the so-called garbage, is that no clear positioning, no specific group of users, have their own distinct characteristics, large, completely imitate the kind of ali. This waste site could be profitable? Many people will sniff at, thought I was kidding you, listen to me:


platform (electronic commerce website) is the so-called B2B platform, is a completely free, free registration, free information, free of charge. How do you make a profit for a free website, do you rely on advertising?.

first: his personal site was the major search engine included, which is almost every site can not do it.

second: his website popularity can also, because it is free.

third: so his web site updates faster, each user to publish a message is equivalent to update once.

fourth: so his website is search engine more attention, some search engines included hundreds of thousands of pages, comfortable, this is the kingly way! (to know the secret, you can contact me, I also learned a few tricks. This is a good virtuous circle.

again because things are as follows: (don’t be confused) haha.

1 search engines included hundreds of thousands of pages are enterprise information

2 when searching for some key words related to the enterprise will log on to these pages

3 these keywords are closely related to the marketing of the enterprise (the key word is very important, the next time, I will be how to do a good job in the web site keyword articles dedicated to everyone)

4 these keywords are not popular keywords (most important)

5 so you can row in front of the search results

6 so it will not cause the attention of search engines, will not be K (if the site is K, there are ways to save)

7 search results, however, although the location is very good, companies do not have to pay to search engines

8 they have achieved better marketing results, they are willing to pay for this effect

so, who should give the money to the enterprise, not a search engine, but a business website!

next, my colleagues do these things

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