The secret of the success of Sun Zhengyi

Although the 44 year old Softbank Corp founder and President Sun Zhengyi’s fame far behind Microsoft’s Bill · Gates YAHOO or Yang Zhiyuan, but he claimed that he had in the Internet economy’s share of more than two people, and certainly better than anyone on the planet.A small family owners

Sun Zhengyi has a typical Japanese figure, only 5 feet tall (about 1 meters) 5.

but he grew up with his ambition. About 10 years old, he was convinced that his future promising, will become one of the major Japanese businessman.

teenager, he told us something very obsessive, especially on the Japanese mainland business Kennedy Den Fu J ITA worshipped, because Fu J ITA succeeded in McDonald’s all over Japan, defeated the local snack shop dotted. In order to see one side of their idol worship idol, Sun Zhengyi to Fu J ITA office dozens of calls, but also a special trip to Tokyo by plane. Fu J ITA finally met the boy, said houshengkewei, and encouraged him to continue efforts.

  in 1973, Sun Zhengyi was 16 years old, came to the United States of California Berkeley English learning.

he gave up the original Japanese name Yasumoto, restored the Korean ancestor’s surname Son, namely sun.

for second years, he transferred to Berkeley School, after a year, he entered a small university. Two years later, he was finally eligible to enter the study of economics California University of berkeley.

every day, he took 5 minutes, cudgel thinking new inventions. At the age of 19, he developed a pocket translator and hired a few professors to create a sample. Later, he applied for a patent for his invention and sold it to the Sharp Co for $1 million.

When he was 19 years old,

wrote down his life’s 50 year plan: when he was only more than and 20 years old, he wanted to set up his own business. When he was more than and 30 years old, he had to earn his first $1 billion (at the age of 37 he became a $1 billion rich). In the next 20 years, he wants to consolidate and select successors. In 43, he said plans to expand the company in the next 10 years to 10 to 20 times.

after that, his dream became bigger and bigger. In those years, Sun Zhengyi conceived the idea of creating more than and 40 new products. He also constructed a grand plan for 50 years, first set up a company, raise funds, and finally turned the business to a chosen successor. However, at this time, he has not yet finalized what he should do.

but a chance to complete >

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