Grassroots Adsense profitable ideas to expand money in the moment

below is a webmaster friends readme. Is his reflection in the pain, hoping to provide you with an extension of ideas. Recently the site has a problem, the flow rate, let every night I get 1 points, had a awful day and night life, I have to get the station, traffic, how to make it money? Always ask myself why ah, confused. I was doing SEO, of course, conducted a search and found that SEO and grassroots stations to do the elders of the article, the idea of expansion, not to talk about what experience, and share with you!

what can I do,


I’m not too much grassroots resources available, I have to work hard and with a small as heart beat to death;

understand the point of the site technology (make a Dede station), will point SEO, can send the chain……

is mixed on the network, hungry, or not to go there.

how can I make money, that is how the site profitable?

I reiterate:

is the webmaster how to make money, not about profit model, profit model are nonsense, now listen to too much I’m afraid, if there is a fixed pattern to make money, we all go to copy, Chinese most, according to the truth that the world is already Chinese. Don’t talk to me, I quit.

website is mainly rely on advertising, high traffic, advertising revenue is high. I think so, but I do not how much traffic ah, I most of the day 1W IP is awesome, up to one day to get more than and 100 dollars, but the ranking is not stable, often see Baidu full gas. Empathy, grassroots webmaster than workers also suffer life ah, that in the end how to make money?

so there is a good way to do it, rather than traffic stations, advertising a little better?


customers, but honestly, Taobao customer is not so comfortable, push a product is not so easy, the key is to find a breakthrough, make products for relatively small, anyway, take a little better than the Commission will flow.

see below, open the small market

my sideline

I was at a party on the students and my classmates talk to him to engage in office computer hardware, such as a printer that repair shop, I just found the printer related keywords, found that there are a lot of optimization and flow is not very good, "the printer can’t print the" more than 2 thousand and 500 of the index. Found a lot of long tail words are good on the initiation of flow, make a printer stand, solve office hardware problems, the hardware service idea, do it slowly, thus began a new journey to me. I opened the sideline.

is a long way to go, I will seek.

network integration

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