LAN and Google may invest $20 million thunder


technology news in December 15th, in the establishment of security alliance conference and download Kingsoft, Qihoo, Kabasiji, thunder CEO Zou Shenglong said 2 weeks will announce the news of financing. Earlier there were reports that Google (Google) and venture capital institutions will jointly invest LIAN thunder thunder. Unconfirmed news that Google and LIAN may have invested $5 million and $15 million.

The earliest

thunder angel investor Zhou Honghui day also appeared in the thunder’s conference, and he has cash back from the thunder

is worth mentioning, Zhou Honghui served as chairman of the Qihoo is a search company, there is competition between potential and Google, Zhou Honghui has announced that the Qihoo’s competitors are Google, Baidu and other search companies. Not long ago, Qihoo won ten million U.S. dollars investment joint investment highland capital, red dot investment, insiders said, if Google strategic investment thunder, not to Qihoo is a good news.

thunder is a community of P2P download tools, the current download has more than 50 million times, its direct competitors for the popular FTP download software Flashget, the user has reached 120 million. It is worth mentioning that has been acquired by ZCOM Flashget also close relationship with Google, Flashget has been bundled with the Google toolbar, Google has invested in companies and navigation website, has been in close association with ZCOM.

insiders said that Google may also work closely with the thunder, Flashget, I hope that through these two huge amounts of software users guide to increase the share of the search market in china. In September this year, CNNIC released a survey report shows that Google’s market share has dropped to 25.3%, while Baidu’s share of $62.1%.


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