To dare to dare venture successful enterprise 6 crazy idea to build a business

lead: many startups are exciting projects from the start, perhaps following this story several bizarre entrepreneurial ideas will make you more confident.

many startups are starting from exciting projects, in fact, some creative ideas are quite crazy, and there are many successful move. If you have a strange idea, but you may not be understood by others, don’t be afraid. Because once you really give up, it will make your life (or company) very boring. Sometimes, you do need to use the most bizarre ideas to Create Company, and get loyal customers. Perhaps these odd entrepreneurial ideas will make you more confident:

1 Pet Rock

This product is made by Gary

Dahl in the last century in 70s to come out, one day in 1975, Dahl and his friends chatting in a bar, his friend had been complaining about their pets difficult to raise, casually said, the perfect pet is a stone. The results of the Dahl really decided to launch pet stone products, he gave the pet stone with a 32 page manual, which describes how to raise this stone, humorous words. His pet stone each cost only $1, but Dahl has made us $15 million.

2 Narrative Clip

this product is a miniature camera, you can clip in front of the shirt, only two photos per minute. Now, you might think it doesn’t sound like much, but many people don’t agree with you. The development of this product is a Swedish start-up, and their supporters believe that this is the only way for them to relive their lives. The product is priced at $279, has raised $500 thousand on Kickstarter.

3 Facebook

when Zuckerberg first introduced his own exclusive virtual Yearbook, some people told him that it was too strange to use. Of course, no one would have thought that he could become one of the largest companies in the world. Consider, then MySpace has been very popular, but people why such a "virtual Yearbook"? It is because of the one and only Facebook personality, it was a success, other companies in the end, presumably as everyone knows.

4 Craigslist

Craigslist has not changed since it was launched, and people like it because it’s very simple. Of course, some people criticized it for privacy and security issues. Founder Craig Newmark launched the site did not want to make money, however, Craigslist is increasingly powerful. You can find almost everything, work, apartment, girlfriend, about *, and entertainment. Today, it is still a name

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