The first video began to focus on the user experience – no noise!

started the first video ads really bother you, there is a sound, affect PV, but look at the advertising fee 5000 yuan per month in the face, always put in, think more money later, now, no sound, the price is 8 yuan /CPM, can pay

weeks!The first

video began to really focus on the webmaster experience, they began to take seriously the views of owners, the views of users, and also their organization forum webmaster comments to them, the first video started to progress, so that their union will develop! Hope they can make Chinese GG. Do not attach importance to the views of the alliance is not developed. Now China’s alliance has a lot of small and large, but really think of the webmaster, not much, only for their own money!

the first video manager is visionary, hope you will become the real first in the future!

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