Put a few pages of Google Adsense advertising is more appropriate


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the following text for personal point of view, for reference only!

recently in order to find ways to improve the income of Google Adsense, constantly changing the way Google Adsense collocation, took a lot of detours, write down for everyone under BS:

First. The

page: 336*280 + +120+160 rectangular link unit skyscraper
  column page: 468*60 +
banner link unitSecond. The

page: 336*280 +2 rectangular link unit
bannerThird. The

page: 336*280
banner;Fourth. The

page: 336*280 +728*90

rectangular column

fifth times. Article page: 336*280 rectangle (not yet done, is planning to do, ha ha)

you can see, I do not stop subtraction, by way of observation, the same page whether you put the number of ads, only one advertisement price is relatively high, in addition to the rest of the low price, the click rate is relatively low, get rid of these ads not only help to improve the hit rate at the same time point can improve the eCPM value, and will not reduce the total income.

So why do I put

down all the home page and column page advertisement, mainly my traffic is mostly from the search, the relatively low relative page column page and page PV, through the channel observation, these page click rate is relatively low.

can now come up with an answer: if your traffic is mainly from the search, then the article page put a 336*280 rectangular advertising is enough! I have not done the promotion, we can put a recommendation to try!


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