Tencent enemy to endorse the golden age of the entrepreneur

annual China Internet Conference held in Beijing.

according to the data disclosed in the Internet Conference, Internet users now reach 632 million, penetration rate reached 46.9%, of which mobile phone users reached a total of, the total number of sites exceeded 3 million 500 thousand.

Shang Bing, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry, said

, the mobile Internet has become the first engine of telecommunications revenue growth, the contribution rate of 1.29%. Mobile Internet industry chain more segments, business applications are increasingly rich, business model innovation, driven by the accelerated transformation of the entire Internet industry and industry structure.

in this conference, once the Internet "enemies of the people" Tencent, to continue its open strategic layout. In August 26th, Tencent SNG (social network business group) vice president Lin Songtao said, the future open platform for developers to bring two Tencent will exceed ten billion revenue, and announced a strategic cooperation with COSCO Boao in October this year, will be held at the end of the "2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Boao, the purpose is the Internet economy as the new" economic "representative.

Lin Songtao accepted the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, for the opening, the Tencent actually thought that has not changed, not open to the Tencent to maximize revenue, but the establishment of eco industrial system. It is difficult for a giant in a vertical field alone, for entrepreneurs, the future entrepreneurial opportunity lies in the vertical field of mobile Internet innovation."

open platform "boat"

4 years ago, the "3Q war", behind the various noisy actually bring far-reaching impact on the Internet Chinese. Ma Huateng realized, can not continue to work behind closed doors, but more thinking in the field of Internet based products in the field of investment, began the penguin ecology system layout.

since June 15, 2011 to now, Tencent officially announced open for three years. According to the data provided by the Tencent, as of now, entrepreneurs in the Tencent on the open platform of the team has more than 3 million; by the end of 2013, the Tencent has accumulated an open platform for developers to create revenue 5 billion yuan; expect to 2014-2015, the Tencent will be an open platform for developers to create revenue 10 billion yuan.

"we’ve been observing the ecological changes, 2011-2013 our focus on PC, we also observed the development of mobile Internet, since 2014, the biggest change is that we embrace the mobile, the application of treasure system, which is a key node of mobile strategy." Lin Songtao told reporters.

Tencent and open platform is given entrepreneurs support, also began to form the "O2O logic", ie online and offline together: online Tencent to provide the chain of social relations, flow and cloud platform and other services; and the next line, Tencent is the deployment of Tencent entrepreneurial base, is expected.

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