Buzzoole let the community idol brand ambassador


vicious competition in today’s world gradually forced companies use a variety of ways to make homemade positioning for the brand, they need to find a suitable tool to entice consumers to participate in marketing activities, so as to enhance the brand in the network communication and credibility.

identifies potential users as one of the most important things in the marketing process of an enterprise, but the results of these methods are often very inefficient. In the end, the company’s product sales and brand influence is still low-spirited, even worse than before.

Buzzoole is an enterprise users want to help change the marketing mode of start-up companies, the company’s algorithm allows users of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest using Foursquare, blog and social networking sites such as optimization of online business, and to identify the social circle "influence". On the other hand, Buzzoole will help business users to contact these influential social users, if they agree to join the "win-win", then these companies will provide certain incentives to help these users such as brand promotion, discount, gifts, cash, products and to test the right, offline activities. In this way, users not only help the brand to gain influence, increase sales figures, but also to win some prizes for themselves. Need to explain is that Buzzoole algorithm is not only based on quantitative and qualitative parameters of technology also allows business users to figure out what are the most influential in what areas".

through Buzzoole, enterprise customers can find their own social networking site has a certain influence on the fans, and then re filter according to their own attributes. For example, a company belonging to the technology industry, and the company’s main business is mobile phone, so Buzzoole can allow the user to select keywords and fill in the industry, so that customers can choose the corresponding field of influential figures. After the filter is completed, Buzzoole will automatically generate an invitation to include the gift name and product profile, and then push it to the invited user. The user can accept the product information on his blog, or send on the social networking site micro-blog to get user feedback and attention.

Buzzoole is considering the introduction of a location based mobile applications, allowing local businesses, including small businesses, restaurants and bars to rely on the influence of social figures to promote goods. In addition, these services also allow business customers to initiate community Q & A services, and then cash or prizes to reward the winner.

article source: StartCup

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