Beginner frequently encountered problems and solutions of

For the first

Wangzhuan novice to introduce seven do not, do not legitimate, do not have two entities, three do not free (of course, this situation points to four) don’t do much for money, do not five day end (such as post and vote), earn 100 less than six of the seven yuan package, not those with no experience on the line! As long as you can hold on to the seven do not, then you basically belong to the entry-level beginner! Of course when you become a beginner after more questions and skills to learn, then let the six point experience for everyone, we can guide the workers to become a successful Wangzhuan


: when you get a Wangzhuan project, first of all can not immediately blindly to get input, but need to figure out whether this Wangzhuan can produce value, if the project itself is not able to produce higher value what, then you spend time and money has no value, natural not return, so first learn to study on the project of the higher

is very necessary!

two: don’t think do Wangzhuan is very simple, if there is no spirit of learning is very difficult to do, even if it is post part-time, you also need to register the forum, keep account, set the signature and so on, there are many post skills, or your post will be deleted, while others will not be posted delete


three: when choosing Wangzhuan to learn how to identify true and false, always have such a purpose to identify true and false, that is the sky diaoxianbing, you can only pay a little attention to in exchange for a few yuan, hundreds of yuan, of course, must resolutely resist the black people Wangzhuan the project, such as those that make you make you made a successful return of only 0.1 yuan, this is a part-time enslaved worker price is cruel exploitation, so learn to identify a Wangzhuan project is also very necessary to


four: to learn to understand the Wangzhuan project sponsor is not very good, if not good so there is no way to natural cooperation, also when Wangzhuan must persist. When a good Wangzhuan, don’t do half they stalled, many projects will be successful as long as you hold on


five: there is no distinction or distinction, in Wangzhuan project only work, distribution according to work, as long as willing to spend effort will be able to return, in the course of business can best Wangzhuan learning some useful techniques, so you can make your higher added value becomes higher, such as some people post to receive 2 yuan, and some people posting can only receive 0.5 yuan, gold above the main difference is the


six: Wangzhuan the world is very big, very wide, only you can not imagine the Wangzhuan, no you can not find the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, don’t think just click on ads, hang, investigation, as well as coding, post, website, Taobao, do promotion agency, a variety of SEO technology and are able to make money on the Internet Wangzhuan, so also need to make more friends.

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