Taiwan’s largest electricity supplier to restore the venture who is the winner



Taiwan’s largest electricity supplier website PChome founder Zhan Hongzhi

Author: life three poison

editor’s note: the author of this article is the founder of the famous website and web game company, who had previously been a senior editor of IT media, and witnessed the early development of the Internet in china.

in my ten years of media time, met the success and failure of the story and the people be too numerous to enumerate. And W Jun and Z Jun’s story has been floating on my mind, let me think.

in the.COM bubble up in 2000, the stock market in Hongkong has a myth, a global business leaders to buy a 3 letter domain name, and then no business, no profit, the listing was successful.

as a result of the global business leaders appeal, also appeared in Hongkong people queuing purchase event. So, this site with a golden key origin, the existence of God as a general.

one day, this site’s CEO W Jun appeared in my media. From the University of Oxford, Mr. W is at a time when most people’s idol, he advocates on both sides of the three cross media Hongyuan thought.

W Jun from the investment institutions, so the 3 letter site, began to buy a large number of media. W Jun handsome, charming, of course, because of the money, speak extremely elegant and valuable, action is also very quickly. So, just a few years, he bought a lot of Hongkong, mainland and Taiwan media, to create a two shore of the three cross platform (flat, open air, network). The concept, so is beautiful, and I had the privilege of being my boss at the time of the media culture, several times in the dinner and W Jun.

W then Jun prophecy, most today are already implemented (but not what relationship and he purchased the media, after most of the W Jun) hand buy the media are now marginalized and non mainstream.

W Jun began a series of acquisitions from 2000, let the 3 letters of the website, through the acquisition of shares soared, get the acquisition of media flow performance, continue to stimulate the stock price, complete the website within a couple of years of glory.

of course, the site after the spin off listing, and then to privatization, has gradually fade out of sight. As a member of the media acquired by W Jun, I also witnessed the W before the acquisition of the promise of the media dream, was forced by a group of financial staff KPI and the so-called growth accelerated decline. The same situation occurred in the majority of the media he acquired, ten years later, I finally understand the W’s amazing financial skills. All the stories and acquisitions that are needed for the capital market.

after a few years, and I accidentally between media owner W Jun status, in 2005 or 2007 years, Mr. W turn into investment fund leader, began to buy mines. Believe him

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