Today, removed the U69 league’s ad


on March 1, 2008 (Saturday) at 05:16 PM (have successfully registered mail) registered in the u69 account, just registered its business registration (registration of a few yuan, still had to go), because I think I have my own way to make little flow station let IP the registration number (non cheating oh, ha ha, I have to forsake heresy and return to the truth).

March 17, 2008 (Monday) I want to look into the background of these days results (in fact, station does not do well, very poor record, ha ha, smile, ing) found my account login not union background, mind a little big…… Is my number is K?


impossible! I didn’t cheat, how can K me?!

The following is my

and u69 alliance the chat record

ten visual and 09:14:50

boss my u69 account login how not to go in?

The 09:15:13

U69 Alliance

how much? I’m looking at

ten visual and 09:15:22

(this is my account, delete)

The 09:19:08

U69 Alliance

you also did not pass the audit we require is your site independent of your domain name (explain, I just registered corn, raising to hang a novel m Union Station) does not meet the and we also require financial and related website Oh

ten visual and 09:19:36

didn’t pass the audit before?

The 09:19:50

U69 Alliance

no ah

ten visual and 09:19:55

you have sent me an email

The 09:20:12

U69 AllianceThe 09:20:26

U69 Alliance


ten visual and 09:21:14

is you hang up for me for a period of time and then do not check it

ten visual and 09:21:17


thank you for your support! Congratulations! Your registration information on has passed the audit, please add your connection in the right place on your website. Do investment promotion advertising, it is recommended in your site’s home page to place more than three locations, each >

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