On the fly Wangzhuan execution

The term "

" is often used by companies or businesses to implement a specific policy and policy, and to use a proper noun for a task. In Wangzhuan in "execution" it seems inappropriate, but the words used in Wangzhuan is just perfect.

today fly about Wangzhuan "execution", because the morning with a new Wangzhuan chat, he also just contact Wangzhuan this industry, chatted some Wangzhuan project and understanding of Wangzhuan chat he repeatedly said, he is not "execution", which for a network to make people, can use the "execution" of a word to express themselves on the behavior of Wangzhuan is very good. The friend of Wangzhuan also has a period of time, a lot of Wangzhuan forum and website stationmaster, also read many articles, see the purpose is to find a suitable network project. Because he has been at home now, has not found a suitable job, he is anxious feeling in the conversation, but now his attitude to Wangzhuan is more and more chaotic feeling, don’t know exactly where to start, I told him that some projects can be done, he didn’t want to know. Just take a wait-and-see attitude, didn’t do, like in the hands of the stock, do not know when to buy and sell.

Wangzhuan "executive power" can be understood as a simple decision making operation force. If you are optimistic about the project, it is necessary to put into action, only to do not want to do. Heard people say that this project is very difficult to operate, you do not give up, some projects have you heard someone a lot of money, you can try to do, the results after two days did not see the income you gave up, in the course of time, many reliable operational projects because of the lack of execution is the door you like, a lot of projects in when no actual earnings or will occur income has been indecisive behavior or you just give you killed, maybe you will adhere to the two days will see the dawn of success, it is a pity that you have failed again. Thus, the lack of executive power to make it difficult for you to find suitable for long-term operation of the project. In fact, here comes the executive power can also be understood as perseverance perseverance or stamina bar.

Wangzhuan new training and exercise their own "execution" is the key. In fact, the "execution" only with the beginner to talk about, or with those who engage in a long time did not earn money for friends. Many couples are "on a whim, a burst of" thought, see a lot of people Wangzhuan, their confidence and hope all the Wangzhuan, one month, two months did not earn a penny, but time wasted a lot of time, so decisive that Wangzhuan is too rubbish, only to give up, never did not find from their own failure, not knowing your Wangzhuan execution is not enough, lack of patience. Wangzhuan veterans to be unprofitable, the technique is a wrong way, the important point is the lack of execution, although Wangzhuan for a long time, but more of a contemptuous disregard Wangzhuan project operation become more and more lazy, that everything becomes a contemptuous disregard, develop in the course of time >

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