Science and technology circles 18 pairs of husband and wife entrepreneurs on the list of Meijer

Beijing time on December 18th news, in the technology industry, there are a number of entrepreneurs, they are husband and wife, there are proud of the success of the business, the following is the case of foreign media out of 18 pairs of Entrepreneurs:


1, Path founder Dave (Dave Morin) and Maureen Brit founder Britt Moran (Brit Morin)

Dave and Britt have their own businesses, Dave created a mobile social network Path, and the departure of from Google to create a design, cooking theme of the site – Brit. Brit was founded in November 2011, its positioning and (Martha Stewart, fashion life website) similar to the site is full of design, cooking based creative, technical exchanges.


2, Livestream CEO Max (Max Haot) and New York Haote chief digital officer Rachel Stern (Rachel Sterne)

Max is hot startup Livestream CEO, and Rachel Stern is the chief digital officer in New York, after the two married, Max Holt’s career as a tiger with wings added.


3, Business Insider associate editor Jo Vesenthal (Joe Weisenthal) and Fashism founder, Moran (Brooke Moreland)

Weisenthal and Moran met at University of Texas, when he starred in Lanzheng Weisenthal wrote a play, after marriage two people moved to New York, and began to develop in the technology. Weisenthal entered the digital media news site, the site is part of the guardian media group, after the acquisition by the third party. Currently, Wesson Sol served as deputy editor in the business news website Business Insider. Brook Moran is to create a fitting exchange website Fashism, the website mainly help users dress collocation, and won the famous American actor Ashton Kutcher (Ashton Kutcher) investment.


4, online ticketing company Eventbrite founder Kevin (Kevin) and Julia (Julia Hartz)


Kevin and Julia met at a friend’s wedding, before they got married, they were planning to start a business. In 2006, Kevin, Julia, Renault and (Renaud V>)

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