The way to make money in sports industry website

do sports website 4 years, traffic is difficult to do, especially in the industry but also by the basketball game, the season when traffic is very large, non season is a winner.

was purely because of love in the past, a number of basketball loving brothers with the preparation of the basketball website (in case there is a soft Wen suspected, do not write their own web site)

because it is time to do business, really spend time on the site is not many, the first love is the site of the dynamic reason for the wonderful basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball video, pictures together. Flow after 20 thousand. Began to do a basketball forum, using the DZ system. But also saved the technical aspects of living.

with the rise of the NBA, the domestic concern basketball fans are also more and more, the network is also relatively large click, found NBA Live this piece of traffic is very unprecedented.


Google Adsense has just come out, make a fortune, because website basketball quite the same, we are trying to help advertising, point 2 months, Google to send an e-mail, hurry over site the way to make money. Later did a little Baidu search alliance, but the effect is not good, can only hang up, a month can have 200-300 block, enough money.

read a lot of articles Admin5, sports industry, traffic, has not been able to make money, so I feel very puzzled, but also very depressed thing. Later, more and more sports websites, and now more than 300 sites in the light of basketball. But after chatting with them, also did not find a profitable path.

and a number of sports sites, do some product sites, selling basketball brand and sports facilities, an increase of 1-2000 ad a month, is to open up a little thought. But we do not do the site’s own brand, the price is very depressed, see Sina and Sohu these doors have a lot of sporting goods on the door of advertising, shoes, etc., is said to reach tens of millions. They may not be much larger than our industry.

Some time ago

Alimama three package policy is good, give us 1000 a week, now coincides with the Olympic time, site traffic is up, 3-4 million IP. This month if there are 4000 pieces, but also a little bit of accomplishment.

website revenue diversification, so as to more safety, we have recently dug a new channel, and some is the Basketball Association, basketball game cooperation, selling tickets, sell star signature, sell basketball related industries a tutorial video class. Because only to carry out, make the instability, but it is a new road. We’re trying.

in short, the feeling of sports industry website, is more interested in profit or a little way to go, unless the efforts to make the brand. Hope to communicate with more industry owners collision.

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