NetEase search alliance to replace the code notification

members of the search alliance, good!

      NetEase alliance will be in August 23, 2007 for the VIP alliance search form, search box form and search the form code upgrade, please promptly after receipt of the notification to the owners in the background for the new search code. At the same time to match the code upgrade effect of recent search keywords high amount of the statistics and optimization, and to provide the "category" comprehensive choice of keywords information bar function, for you to choose and use, in order to make the search bar to get more efficient.

  the new code replaced the publication of the notice of the date, more than three kinds of products of the old code will stop charging in a month. Therefore, members of the union members should be notified as soon as possible to update the code on your site.

thank you for your support for NetEase!

2007 August 23rd


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