Join the first video broadcast site alliance conditions

immediately added: the first video advertising alliance for film entertainment pictures website

, a join condition of the first video playback Alliance

* have the following basic qualifications can apply to join the first video website alliance?

1. registered domain name for top-level domain name.

2. has its own web site or page (such as blogs, etc.) and has control over the site (or page).

3. web site in the world rankings should be less than 1 million in the week and the average ranking of the data for the three months. (rank query:

* what type of website not be audited?

1. malicious code to force the user to change the computer settings, and can not be restored to normal not approved by.

2. only a single page and only do pure promotion code website (or page) will not be approved.

3. site promotion code, or the promotion of the code put on the environment is not approved by the poor.

4. website content includes pornography, reactionary, illegal content will not be approved.

5. web site to provide the contents of the reactionary film and television category, the contents of dew point photo will not be approved.

6. site using indecent, untrue text description, description, such as: award, minors, one night stand, 18 year ban, etc. are not approved.

two, add the first video playback alliance process

1. fill in the registration information submitted, waiting for the audit.

2. audit can be obtained after landing the first video broadcast union to promote the code.

three, registration audit takes a long time

48 hours.

is not required, each account can bind any number of domain name.

five, the password is lost how to do?

six, I can modify the code?

seven, ad code in multiple pages? Or the same page put a number of ad code?

the same ad code can be placed in multiple pages;

but the same page can not place multiple ad code.

> eight, when you can see

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