Test the water by the effect of Baidu platform to pay close to e-commerce

      with Alibaba group relying on e-commerce platform to the Internet advertising platform layout instead, relying on online advertising Baidu began to layout e-commerce.

August 6th, Baidu officially launched CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising platform, according to the effect of the platform has been two months after a low-key trial run.

Internet is not only an advertising platform, it can be a sales platform." In August 12th, Baidu union development department director Zhou said in an interview with reporters, there will be a big future development of electronic commerce, and the launch of Baidu CPA advertising platform is an important exploration to electronic commerce in transition.

pay by effect

"CPA is an improvement and supplement to the traditional model of pay per click and display." Baidu business department official said, the so-called CPA, is in accordance with the actual effect of advertising to pay, that is to say, just browsing the generated ad Click is not paid, only after Internet users browse the advertising purchase, registration, download and other acts, will be charged.

Zhou told reporters that the Internet advertisers have become more mature, know what is needed, some manufacturers still need to display ads, the other part of the manufacturers from start to look at the advertisement effect.

"sale manufacturer discovery, if the advertising does not bring to the real consumption and purchase, simply click rate means that the increase in advertising spending; on the contrary, if things really sold, and if the customer is indeed found under the guidance of the ad, they are willing to pay for the customers with advertising a fee." Zhou said that the emphasis on the effect of the CPA model, for e-commerce advertisers are very applicable.

seems to be in the week, Baidu is to see such a trend, the corresponding launch of the CPA platform.

as the head of the CPA project, Baidu Union Development Manager Faye Wong told reporters, during the test run, Baidu has dangdang.com, and chinahr.com, MySpace, Skype, Kingsoft, popular Internet Movie, cool music box manufacturers cooperate partners currently number has reached more than a dozen.

according to different customer needs, such as by the effect of accounting method is various, and the popular Internet Movie is concerned about the popularity of the software terminal rate, so download and install the software is an effective behavior; and for MySpace like social networking sites, the number of users is valued, every time through advertising brings the user registration form an effective behavior.

Baidu alliance CPA platform is to find each advertiser recognized the effective behavior, and be able to record these acts.

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