Mobile phone taxi software survival sample survey monthly investment promotion

in July 1st, with the release of "Beijing city taxi mobile phone call service management implementation details", after the natural growth, along with the market competition of mobile phone software called the car is clear, must comply with the access conditions. Access to the designated call platform, to the competent authorities for the record, to comply with the call service charges, unified naming software…… These rules constitute a new threshold for mobile phone software called car live.

it is understood that didi taxi, shook his trick car several unified mobile phone software called the car in cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission called the car platform in early July will be officially launched.

How did the

mobile phone call car software come into being? How do they compete with each other? Where are their future?

Beijing News reporter Liu Xia Beijing reported

"the boss went to the city to attend the meeting." Yesterday, a number of mobile phone called car software company, the relevant staff told reporters that the relevant departments in charge of the car yesterday on the unified platform and other issues, the convening of the industry within the company responsible for the meeting.

latest data show that there are currently about 30 mobile phone called car software. In 2013 April, Android (Android) platform, mobile phone call car application (taxi APP cumulative downloads of more than one million).

mobile Internet combined with the needs of the taxi set off a round of boom, taxi APP usher crazy growth.

but the industry grew less than a year’s time, has touched the policy nerves, and more to stop the taxi APP or incorporated into the unified management". Taxi APP in the future will be thinking about not only the user incremental and profitable means, as well as government regulation, credit and other issues.

from Ali, Baidu

these made 5 million user level APP after 80, the vast majority from Alibaba, Baidu.

as a result of flying between the various cities in the investigation of the situation (due to the recent tightening of policy reasons, he also became more intensive travel), small orange technology CEO Cheng dimensional time is very tight.

at present, the development of small orange technology didi taxi is one of the most famous taxi APP.

to small orange technology is located in Zhongguancun E world headquarters interview that day, just happened to didi Taxi 2 version of the second day to catch up on the line. Because the night rush because employees with weakness. Let this group of 80 young people fight busy APP products, has nearly 5 million users behind.

, including Cheng Wei, including these 80, the vast majority of Alibaba, Baidu, today’s small orange technology is also the top two Internet giants hybrid varieties.

transparent glass doors in the office, the front seat of the staff of all dimensions is the founder of didi taxi. He had been in Alibaba for 8 years before starting a business.


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