You P at the end of the three Award activities, so you get a cash rich

IP at the end of the year three award Youyou, rich cash offline, wait for you to take

activities: the development of offline cash

object: registered users

IP youyou


1 development of a certain line to get bonuses, the development of more than 10 of the line to meet the evaluation criteria, according to the number of different offline, you can get huge bonuses, as follows:

10—20, 5 yuan /, settled in a number of standard

21—50, 5.5 yuan /, settled in a number of standard

51—80, 6 yuan /, settled in a number of standard

more than 81, 7 yuan /, the number of settlement as the standard

offline reward is not limited time, effective offline evaluation criteria: put the code, the average number of points per day more than 30 (points), the web is normal, no illegal content, no virus trojan. Settlement only one week before the settlement data (after the settlement of the user off the assembly line is 0).

2 points out of the month of 10000 (points) or more, an additional bonus of $30 in cash, 20000 reward of $60, and so on.

to 15 per month to the second month of 15 for a settlement cycle.

3 new registered users join us

approved evacuation of 8 yuan in cash +100IP.

is strictly prohibited a station number, or a number of malicious transactions between registered accounts, once found deleted and deducted all cash.

and IP in order to develop your youyou better, please help a lot of publicity.

the event interpretation of youYou IP chain (, customer service QQ:627624549.

more union information:

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