The advantage of network invite applications for a job the foreground of talent website has how old

in order to clear the prospects for talent website, that is to analyze the advantages of online recruitment in the end where. Because, after all, the talent site is only the fees charged to enterprises.

1, through the traditional media to publish recruitment information. For example, through newspapers, television and other recruitment information, this effect is compared with several disadvantages: first, the cost is expensive, whether it is a newspaper or TV at least a few thousand, or even higher. This is obviously too high for corporate recruitment costs. Then the timeliness is short, whether it is a newspaper or television is basically the same day the information to see the day, even if there is no valid information about the expiration of the newspaper, which obviously affects the recruitment of enterprises.

2, the talent market. Although through the recruitment of talent market is still the main way of recruitment, but this way there are still many regrets. First of all, the job market is a two-way fee, that is, the recruitment of candidates and the recruitment fee. But also for the high cost of business. For job seekers with a free online job will certainly shift positions. Then for the enterprise, the recruitment of talent market is also facing the shortcomings of a short period of time, because for the enterprise, spend hundreds or even thousands of costs just stay in the talent that 7, 8 hours.

3, also is through online recruitment, job search and recruitment talent website. This new type of recruitment is just to make up for the shortcomings of traditional recruitment methods.

The advantages of

for enterprises: first network recruitment for long term business recruitment, from the date of start has been extended to the enterprise recruitment to the real talent so far. Another charge is much lower than the traditional way. And for businesses increased along with the network of job seekers, to find really suitable for the development of the enterprise is more and more talents.

for individuals: first talent website is a free service for individuals to provide. In addition, with the development of education in China, with the popularity of computer knowledge, I think there will be more and more job seekers will come into contact with the network, and ultimately choose the network job. And because the network application is convenient, then as long as job seekers in the talent website registered a resume, that can wait for enterprise recruitment information, if access to the Internet can also take the initiative with the benign development, recruitment information network.

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