The 17 year old programmer launched Summly for the nternet burden reading application


high technology advantages and disadvantages emerge in an endless stream, the Internet brings us temporarily set aside we do not judge, but need to face the fact that this huge monster has indeed brought us out from the original life. Today, science and technology giant is no longer the main force to change the human environment, companies around the world began to integrate into the trend of this trend; tend to younger team have emerged.

NickD’Aloisio, 17 years old, the development of SummlyiPhone reading application was last year to get Li Jiacheng’s investment. With the recruitment team and continuous in-depth development, Summly is no longer a similar to our previously reported Circa and FlipBoard personalized reading applications. The backend of Summly automatically determines what is most closely associated with the article, and then summarizes the contents of the page to 1000500 or 140 words (depending on the length of the original text). Therefore, although you can not read the complete article, but a few words can be learned through the central idea.

today, Summly is officially open to download, everyone can experience the fun of simplifying the reading. In order to adapt to a variety of different devices, Summly has all the contents of the format is changed, so the user does not have to scroll, just touch screen equipment. By working with investors, consultants and graduate students at Stanford University, Summly said the team is working to make the content more relevant, rather than personalized. D’Aloisio believes that news needs to go out of the customization and personalization of innovation, because the media needs to fundamentally change.

the first time you open Summly, you’ll find nothing in it. Then you need to make your own choice. You can subscribe to your favorite channel through the theme of the default news topics, such as sports, business, fashion, 2012 elections, if not, you can customize the news source. Summly custom news from Microsoft Bing API. It is worth noting that not all news can be read, because Summly only needs excellent.

standard iOS device gestures have been integrated into the Summly, so the user can slide forward or backward slide and browse other options, etc.. In addition, users are also allowed to share via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter.

once the user selects a news topic or a good news source, Summly will automatically update all content. This feature is very similar to FlipBoard, but the difference is that the latter is from the social networking site crawl and integration. The content of the selected channel will be updated every 30 minutes, and the custom news is updated every 3 hours.


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