The choice of network advertisement

            network advertising is once synonymous with standard banner (banner) and (button), button ads in a rapidly changing Internet era, has become "the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival". In order to save banner ads, button ads CTR advertisers unable to get up after a fall, out of the "trick", with irresistible violations of the advertising occupied the user’s computer screen. Violation of advertising is indeed in the short term to advertisers who want to click rate to charge per click website to bring considerable benefits, but this kind of netizens constitute serious violations, surfers miserable "numbers game" also let the network advertisement fell into the favorability and low degree of trust.
in Internet users against violations of advertisement calls for the occasion, we saw a new figure of network advertisement family — interactive advertising, although the proportion of interactive advertising in network advertisement is still small, but enough to let us see the essence of online advertising is the regression of "two-way interaction", return to the "public standard" advantage netizens, enough to forgive, to establish goodwill and confidence in online advertising, online advertising is enough to make us believe that the wonderful future. Advertising: digital game

often people who have access to the Internet have such an experience: the screen suddenly pop up a window, playing advertising, not easy to shut down, and then again and three out. Or a floating advertisement slowly and over the page, cover your line of sight, and mouse slip where to go. These are all the tricks of advertising. The latest Saturn brand has launched the most aggressive online ad so far on AOL and other sites: the Saturn Roadster is chasing a lizard. This completely covers the web animation ads for up to 20 seconds, the Internet can not be closed, only the ad itself disappear.

like this, regardless of whether the consumer is willing to, the audience’s desktop through coercive means to occupy, let the audience with the audience, accept the freedom of information constitutes a serious violation of advertising is called infringement advertisement. In addition, the floating ads, web conversion gap advertising, e-mail advertising has also been included in the blacklist of violations of Internet advertising.

Starting from the

pop-up ads "violation advertising era", with the increase of variety and quantity of advertising, along with the development of design and technology, the extent of violation of advertising on the audience is more and more serious, from the initial can close to no close button, from 1/4 pages to cover half a page to the screen, in the face of aggressive advertising harassment, netizens miserable but unable to resist. But intrusive ads do give advertisers the click rate they want, and bring a lot of revenue to sites that click rates. Therefore, the industry is very optimistic about this. Advertisers said: the audience here is one of the big advantages. "They are becoming a force," said Gaffney, an analyst at AC Nielsen Co. >

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