A housewife while she do occupation Witkey make money

31 year old Xu Weijing is now a mother of two, she began in 2007, occupation in pig Witkey do online, one side in the care of their children, live to make money online. Up to now, she has earned 2400 yuan, only in April this year, on revenue of $1300. She said, although not much money, but through the Internet to live can meet their own hobbies, but also parents ancestral culture, free time, "very love, hope do Witkey have small friends to use their own ideas name all over the country.

Xu Weijing is Hebei Baoding people, in the former occupation Witkey, she had opened a store to help others from the name, the names for their children to the company, the product name, Everything is contained therein. already very familiar with the business. Later, due to the need to care for two children, she had to close the shop, housewives.

for a period of time, she was very boring, in addition to taking care of the children, did not feel the value of their own things to do, don’t kill? A chance, Xu Weijing know the pig website, through a careful understanding, that can make money online, but also authentic. Then, she registered members, began the formal occupation career witkey.

October 2008, Xu Weijing received a name for Curtis baby naming task, this is her eighty-second mission, she participated in the task has not been successful, but she has always insisted, Kung Fu people believe. After the baby’s name Curtis surname requires careful analysis, she thought of a five line and the number of strokes has a good name, and submitting the manuscript, a few days later, Xu won the bid, it was the first time she bid, get 87 yuan, "the money is not much, but I am happy for a few days. After all first recognized."

has won the first bid, to participate in the task on the back of confidence. Xu Weijing thought of his task in the scene, both happy and sad, she said, because the child is still small, only time to participate in the task, often while the children cried, while a hurry. Let the child crying, but also the customer will always be the first!

She sat on the first

service and perseverance of the spirit, the final has been recognized by customers, up to now, a total of 491 Xu Wei Ching tender, bid 108 times, the highest bonus is a help a restaurant named, earned 800 yuan, a minimum of only 0.8 yuan.

today, Xu Weijing as an occupation Witkey, bid rate rising, April only earned 1300 yuan, while income no shop, but happiness within." Talking about his winning skills, Xu Weijing says modestly, actively communicate with customers, patiently listen to the client, to devote to each task, sincerely touched by customers, these are the key to win the final victory.

two days ago, Xu Weijing set a goal for himself: let the children all over the country with their own name. As a result, she joined the gold medal members, would like to take advantage of the gold medal

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