To investigate the stations with 2009 software bugs blog Wangzhuan mode do

2009 Professional Edition software bugs blog, in addition to publishing large portal blogs and forums, can also support ZBLOG, WORDPRESS, DISCUZ and SupeSite X-SPACE space forum. The use of these standard procedures to build a website, you can use the software to manage, management functions include: registered account and publish articles, delete the basic operation of the article.

due to the rapid and convenient 2009 software bugs blog website management, makes a new model can be easily implemented in Wangzhuan blog 2009 software support. Here to discuss ideas and methods to achieve, it is something.

1 is the first step

application domain name and independent IP space, because the requirements are not high, so of course, the cheaper the better. Space 100-150 yuan, 20-50 yuan a domain name, the cost of a website is not more than 200 yuan. Early can be less to build a few, observe the effect, the conditions can be built more, the more the better. Web site program from the above election, blog and forum, can be. The software will likely be more support for other programs.

2 to add the site to the software, the registered account

site to build a good, add to the software inside. If it is a blog, you do not need to register the account, fill in the system administrator account on the line. If DZ can join in the blog website forum, 2009, and a large number of copies, after batch registered account (can close the forum verification code, before registering faster), after the forum registered good account, can close the registration function, prevent other people group. When you need to register again.

3 enrich website content

uses the collection function of the blog 2009 software and the pseudo original processing function to collect a theme of the article, and then released to the blog or forum. Each station can be maintained around a related theme, not too messy. If the forum post finished, can also be used against and reply in the forum group of top software bugs. Do not put the initial fill content links, nor interconnection. Send a plain text format can be avoided by SE is considered to be spam and link factory suspects. At present, the higher the ratio of the original QQ space acquisition, the other also only supports directional collection, their own collection of rules to customize. When released, you can use some of the parameters of the D part of the control, you can collect the contents of some pseudo original treatment. In the future, the software will be more powerful in terms of pseudo original and customized keywords acquisition and support.

4 website promotion and release

web site built, the data is good, you can put these sites or keywords linked to the string plus (parameter D.g), released through the blog 2009. After waiting to be included in the release, GG relatively fast, a few days can be, Baidu is more likely to see the situation as long as 1 months

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