How to use Baidu know to make money

you brother sister Hello I am sun head network administrator Char through two "personal webmaster to learn fried easy access to 10000IP", "image station using online video promotion hype events network QQ group chat There were many discussions. I regard the call (network version of Song Zude) ashamed ah!!! Please forgive me!! " sun head net is still light years forever cannot do without your criticisms and suggestions"

let’s talk about making money today. Baidu knows that everyone knows her charm!

1 use Baidu popular TV series do cpa

For example,

now more popular in the juvenile four Mingbu you can answer each other using the keywords, first a roughly 100 people QQ group and then one of us went to Baidu know in question, so who knows young four Mingbu 25 sets where free ah can download or watch the best player software "(the best bounty can also be increased to 200 points) issue can put questions to the QQ group called keywords everyone to answer (Note: be sure to use keywords to find the answer, the direct link if Baidu will regard you as cheating) the content of the answer can not fill the line is not very far, only need one answer with cpa-AD OK of course, this person is the best answer to the winner of the best answer (ID level in more than 7, The higher the level of high weight)

2 using CPA software to do

For example:

popular CPA software uusee, KuWo, Fetion, rising zcom, magazines and so on….

directly in the CPA software manufacturing: "how I can Difficult miscellaneous diseases such as the PPS player, who can help me ah" answer: "it is recommended that you use the uusee player. The good movie. TV play。 Live broadcast is very smooth and not a card (answer to join the CPA boot link)

CPA advertising recommended activation time short, the probability of uusee like her activation particularly long time activation is very low, can make a number of results to see Baidu included, overnight become an upstart is possible.

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