Adsense advertising is not recommended to put the home page or column page

Adsense many new advertisement publisher others in the study site, will find that most people will put in the advertisement pages, home although traffic, also did not put advertising unit, this is why? my own experience, may have the following reasons: < /p>

is the home page of the website is the entrance, column page and the page is full of chain into a page of links, so put on the ad unit, general click rate will be very low, low hit rate, is said to have impact on the overall smart price.

two is Google Adsense advertising is the current page to open, if the home page is clicked, the viewer will leave your site, this will affect the site’s visit, etc..

three is now the user to the home page, the majority will enter a page on the home page, let your visitors click on ads, rather than let them into the page, and then click on the advertisement effect is good, generally because the contents of a single page, matching is better, so the probability of click on ads will be more big.

four is the image of the problem, the home page is suitable for image advertising and not suitable to do click advertising, if the home page is full of advertising links, is not respect for the user, at least affect the user’s browsing.

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