Mother Baidu GG small owners how to choose a situation of tripartite confrontation.

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currently on the market several mainstream advertising alliance, Ali mother, Baidu, Google

Ali mother:

good, is a small webmaster good choice, and unlike some website revenue to 100 yuan to give money, he is to use Alipay to pay, really good.

but there is a drawback: 15% of the technical service fee is a bit high, and some of the owners can not eat.


Baidu bidding and theme promotion two. Baidu over the threshold of the station is not the first choice of small adsense. If your site is good, you can consider.


good. Click to earn a higher cost, but the site can be more than 6 months to apply for the site. There is a malicious click on your ad, Google will be mistaken for your own click on the ads to cheat, then sealed your number. By the way, tell everyone, if Google said your station is not through the audit, is the "site type", then, tell you, don’t mind, meaning that your station is a dumpster.

currently has a new first video. We can try.

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