PN code can not be received on the Google method of money

at the beginning of August I managed to apply to the Google advertising account, happily hung up the GG code, after nearly 20 days of hard cut 583.39 knives, after I put all the ads GOOGLE are torn down, so I received the money and then hang up pin (mainly my hang GG advertising. There are suspected to induce users to click! Or get the money to say


then from mid August I began my journey for pin code, I waited until September did not low! What’s wrong with you?, my GG address had received a pin code, really helpless, I think it may be mailed out what problem it so! I re issued once again until the October low no pin code, I completely depressed


second days, I sent an email to me GG customer service inquiry:


Hello, my PIN code has been issued two times, but I still can not receive pin code, I would like to ask in addition to this way there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of my address? My ad ID is: *******


customer service MM efficiency is still high, the second day I received a reply:



thank you for your letter. Because the PIN code message from the US by ordinary mail, relying on the postal system of multinational, will inevitably lead to the loss of mail. Since you have been unable to receive our PIN code for a long time, in order to speed up your PIN code authentication process, we provide you with two solutions:

1 you can reply to this email and enclose the letter:

* id scanner

* send a scanned copy of your account address letter, such as a bank statement, telephone bill, or utility bill. Please note that you must include your account payee address on the scan.

these materials will only be used to confirm your address and will not leak this information to any third party. We will help you manually through the PIN code verification.

2 if you cannot provide the documents for any reason, and from the last time you sent a personal identification number after 3 weeks, you still have not received your PIN, please reply to this email and indicate in the letter " please send again PIN code ". Upon receipt of your reply by mail, we will send you another PIN code. We recommend that you apply again before the PIN code

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